Some information that will hopefully be useful for those having trouble with GIF Garage, or do not recognize certain terms used in GIF Garage.

Is GIF Garage safe for work/sfw?
All the .gifs posted on GIF Garage are determined here to be safe for work.

Why are some .gif files animating too slowly?
Certain web browsers treat animated .gif files differently, and display frames animated for .gif files at varying speeds.

Older browsers tend to animate .gifs slower than newer ones (especially Internet Explorer), so consider updating your web browser if there is any problem with the .gif animations. I know from testing GIF Garage in IE9 that it animates .gifs far better than the older versions of IE do. Some popular web browsers:

What does TC mean?
TC is an acronym for "topic creator", which on Internet forums or message boards refers to the starter/creator of a specific topic within a message board.

What does Topic List mean?
"Topic List" refers to a list within a particular Internet forum/message board of topics in which users can post in.

What does GG mean on some .gif files?
GG is an abbreviation for GIF Garage, and means that the .gif originated from this site, and was made by one of the sites' editors.

If for some reason an embedded YouTube video will not run, press "Ctrl + F5" ("CMD + F5" on a Mac) and this should fully refresh the page enough so that it will load properly.

The browser add-on Text to Image will cause two .gif files to be shown instead of one, and this may cause some browsers to crash.

To completely stop all .gif animations, press "Esc". To make them start again, simply Refresh the page.

To contact the GIF Garage, please email us:

or see the webmaster's home page:

For another website by the webmaster, you may be interested in Mario Speed Runs. It is an English-based leaderboards website for the WRs in speedrunning the Super Mario video game series.